Hey y'all! I’m a previous full time equine veterinarian turned executive coach, just for veterinary business owners! My passion is helping busy veterinarians overcome the overwhelm through realizing their strengths, outsourcing and automating the rest, and changing their lives and practices from the inside out with a mindset shift.


I grew up knowing I wanted to be a horse vet from a young age. I had an imaginary horse named Felipe (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?), and then my parents started me with horse back riding lessons in middle school. I fell hard and fast for horses; I was OBSESSED. So of course I went to Texas A&M University for college to hopefully get to be a part of the NCAA Equestrian Team and to work my butt off to get into their vet school.

When I graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, I got my dream job. It was at an equine exclusive, mobile practice in Pilot Point, Texas. I was surrounded by the incredible horses and amazing trainers I had grown up showing with and that part was phenomenal. But as the story typically goes, I was working so many hours I was quickly burnt out.


Before my husband and I got married, we decided a change of pace would be healthy for us. We moved to the Houston, Texas area where I had grew up. The horse life in Houston is a little more chill and a little more weekend warrior than the super hectic and cut throat lifestyle of North Texas. But as things go when we change our circumstances and don’t do any work on ourselves… I found myself in a new practice, with new clients, very different bosses, different types of patients, and I was still overwhelmed and burnt out. Honest to goodness, the only thing helping me hold myself together was my fitness coaching business because I had a group of ladies pouring into me and encouraging me to figure out what I actually wanted out of life.

So I quit my job. I realized I could match my salary working a very part time relief at vaccine clinics, so it was truly the perfect break for my brain. I was able to see some flaws in their systems and actually started my own low cost pet vaccine clinic in the North Houston area. I was able to pay my staff well, treat them like the family they were, love my clients, keep all of my costs super low, develop systems that made us more efficient and made the clients feel more valued, and we were very quickly profitable. We made a difference in the communities we went to and I loved doing it.


Through this business endeavor though, I realized that my heart always has been and always will be for the veterinarians like me. The overwhelmed, tired, burnt out vets that are still stuck where I was for so long. So I had another career shift and opened Rule Your Practice, LLC. I help busy and overwhelmed veterinarians realize and capitalize on their personal and practice strengths, learn to control their mindset of overwhelm through life coaching, and outsource and automate everything else! I run a software that helps them outsource and automate everything from client communications to appointment requests for solo practitioners. And I also help with the simple things to outsource too for larger practices that can increase your profitability and efficiency with a one time systems revamp.

I recently opened a mindset mastermind, JUST for veterinarians and veterinary practice owners! To learn more about how to work with me or how I can help you rule your practice, instead of letting it rule you, click the link below!

Darby Sherrod Horne, DVM

Owner and CEO of Rule Your Practice, LLC

Life Coach (Josh Coats Push Coach Academy)

Previous Owner/Operator of Dr Darby's Pet Vaccines, PLLC